To make a dent in the universe

Awesome , I would love to host a sreening for the Maryland Transhumanist Party meetup!


Suppose you saw that science and technology had the potential to significantly extend healthy lifespans, but that very few scientists or technologists were working on these projects.

Suppose you disagreed with the government spending huge sums of public money on the military – on the capability to kill – and wished for more spending instead on the defeat of aging (and all the terrible diseases that accelerate with aging).

Suppose you felt that too many leadership decisions in society were influenced by out-dated ideologies – for example, by belief systems that regard as literal many of the apocalyptic statements in millennia-old religious scriptures – and that you preferred decisions to be determined by cool reason and scientific evidence.

What might you do?

If you were Zoltan Istvan, in October 2014, you might decide on an audacious project. You might decide to announce your candidacy for becoming the President of…

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Our Nature Communications paper is out – ice-like optical phonons in liquid water


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Commentary by Dan Elton Our paper, “The hydrogen-bond network of water supports propagating optical phonon-like modes” was published on January 4th in Nature Communications (full pdf, Stony Brook University Press Release). Our work shows that propagating vibrations or phonons can exist in water, … Continue reading

Our new paper on the order/disorder phase transition of hexagonal ice has been accepted in Phys. Rev. B


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Our new paper, “Electronic and Nuclear Quantum Effects on the Ice XI/Ice Ih Phase Transition” has been accepted in Phys. Rev. B.  Experimentally, the temperature of the order/disorder phase transition of hexagonal ice is 72 K for light ice (H2O) and … Continue reading