Farewell to Our Postdoc Luana

After working with our group for about three years, our postdoc, Luana is returning to Brazil to work as a FAPESP Postdoctoral Research Fellow at ICTP-SAIFR/IFT-UNESP.

During her postdoc, Luana has worked on multiple projects. She first studied structure and dynamics of water dissociation on GaN/Water surfaces. Then she moved on to analyse temperature and composition dependence of short-range order and entropy, and statistics of bond length of GaN1-xZnOx semiconductor alloys. The highlight of her postdoctoral research has been with water/metal surfaces. She has studied the structure of water at electrochemical interfaces. She has shown that liquid water has different structure on two different surfaces, Pd and Au(111), and charge transfer between the surface and the liquid plays an important role. She has presented her work in the last three APS March Meetings, in Gordon Conference 2012, and in IMRC 2013.

In addition to her research, Luana has interacted greatly with the graduate students in the group. She has helped students with their understanding by discussing technical and scientific questions. She has always been encouraging and given good advice to the students.

We hope to collaborate with her in the future and we wish her all the best…

Marivi, Luana, Betül

Marivi, Luana, Betül